Something a little E.X.T.R.A.!

I was looking for something a little extra than just a night out drinking with the bride and friends and this was just the ticket! We followed the directions and had the bride chose about 25 badges to complete. The back of the sash says “Help me earn my Badges”! and we had tons of folks asking how they could help. Completely changed the whole evening. I saw a dozen other bachelorette parties that evening and by far we were having the most fun and getting the most attention. The bachelorette loved it and I got lots of complements from the rest of the ladies in our group as to how much fun it was participating in the game.


A MUST have for your Bachelorette!

This is a MUST have for your bachelorette! There are so many different badges to try and earn and each one is funnier than the next. Your abs will hurt from laughing so hard. The first time I bought this was for a bachelorette party at a Phillies game and all the guys tailgating were lining up to help my friend earn her badges. I just purchased it again for my friend’s last fling in next weekend and can’t wait to re-live the laughs. I highly recommend you purchase this product for a guaranteed great time!

Gina Marie

An absolute blast!

We had an absolute blast with this game! It’s hilarious and can be easily customized for any bride-to-be. In addition, the seller was very professional and attentive. When the game got lost in the mail, he personally contacted me to help figure out what had happened and then had them deliver me a new one within 24 hours.

J Butler

Earning badges was AWESOME fun

I didn’t find out about this until the last minute (2 days before the bachelorette party!) But the second I saw it I knew it was really going to make our night! Earning badges was AWESOME fun, she loved it and it got more people involved and interested in helping her earn them!! I’m so thrilled with the game, I couldn’t have found a better fit!


A Must Have Game!

I wasn’t sure how fun/risky some of the tasks would be but let’s just say watching a guy taking off his underwear with his shorts on was pretty darn funny! Some tasks had us dying laughing! This is a must have game!!!